Maintaining a gym membership

I have been a member at the same gym for over ten years.

When the fitness center opened up, I was one of the first to enroll.

I was super excited to finally have a gym in my local rea. I was thrilled to discover that it was a large venue with a full range of exercise equipment. Over the years, the membership fees have gone up. I am fine with it because the gym continues to expand and improve. They’ve kept up with innovations in equipment. There are now treadmills and stationary bikes that include monitors and wifi access. I can run virtual courses anywhere in the world and compete against other cyclists. I can use the rowing machine and take advantage of interactive programs. The gym has added battle ropes, punching bags and even a rock climbing wall. They’ve modernized the locker rooms and upgraded to 24/7 access. It’s super convenient to be able to workout at any time of the day or night. I’ve found that the gym is typically empty very early in the morning. It’s really enjoyable to have the place to myself. I also like to try out the different fitness classes. The gym offers pilates, zumba, spin, HIIT and all sorts of group classes. The instructors are usually knowledgeable and encouraging. It’s interesting to try something different. I’ve met some really great people through the gym. I’ve managed to keep myself in good physical shape, avoid weight gain and work through stress. Heading to the gym is part of my regular routine and I thoroughly enjoy it.


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