Damon’s Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit had frozen coils

Damon was a bit hesitant with the move, then he would stay in an section he knew nothing about, except that his husbandy lived and worked there, but she’d landed a job in the location more than one years back! They worked out a way to be together long-distance until the pandemic hit, however it wasn’t straight-forward to travel, and they only saw each other online… As time went by, Damon realized he wanted to be close to his husbandy and took up an offer she’d made before.

She wanted him to transport in with his since he worked remotely, and damon was happy about the transport and hesitant, however eventually, he leaped faith.

He had to put his lake house on the market and get a buyer before relocating. Damon also did some labor in his husbandy’s lake house to turn a spare room into a lake house office, but one day, he finally moved in, and they started their lives. He was at lake house most of the time and had to call an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair corporation 1 day when the AC stopped laboring. It was summer, and the heat was getting intense, so he took the card his husbandy had left him and called the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation number. An AC worker came to investigate the unit and noted it had some frozen evaporator coils due to a refrigerant leak. The AC worker had to fix the refrigerant lines before topping up the refrigerant. In addition, he evaluated the unit and changed the air filter. Damon wanted the AC worker to put a HEPA filter into the unit to improve their indoor air quality.



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