Rustic meets traditional is a great household style

Welcome back! I’m so cheerful that you’re joining me again for another discussion on household decor plus style. If this is your first time joining me, I’m also cheerful you have arrived here. You’ve picked a wonderful time to come for the first time. This week, I’ll be discussing a legitimately nice household decor category plus that is “rustic meets traditional”. The “rustic meets traditional” category is most commonly expressed with what you likely know as farmhouse but there are plenty of possibilities for a “rustic meets traditional” nautical household theme, Tuscan beauty “rustic meets traditional” or even- especially on the east coast of the United States- a colonial “rustic meets traditional”. “Rustic meets traditional” is actually characterized by a few bizarre things. Most notably, the use of natural wood furniture plus painted wood furniture (respectfully white or faded white). This natural wood furniture or painted wood furniture can easily go with anything from custom built couches to tables plus bar stools. It’s entirely up to your particular style. Another regular trope of the “rustic meets traditional” category is the use of massive decorative objects that either look antique, are antique or are entirely bold. For the new farmhouse “rustic meets traditional” goes with an antique ladder resting against the wall. For nautical “rustic meets traditional” go with an ancient oar, or even an antique rowboat on the wall above the couch if you have enough space. This is one of my number one styles because it does not require a very strict design throughout the household. Because of its reliance on transitional sophistications, you have some wiggle space for light fixtures, statues, plants, etc.


Wooden table

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