Now she’s got a real, working HVAC job

Bella kicked butt on the Heating plus Air Conditioning certification test that was needed in order to become certified by the state, plus she expected to walk out plus into a top paying task at Dad and Mom’s shop, Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning.

Jim had news though.

She was going to have to start as an intern. It would be a paid internship, however he insisted it was still an internship nonetheless. Bella didn’t think it was fair, but understood that every employee he had began as an intern. It was fair. What would not be fair would be for Bella to walk right into Heating plus Air Conditioning professional status right away at the shop. His other cooling system crew would be ticked off about that, plus he didn’t want a massive mutiny on his hands. So, Bella became Mom’s intern, plus essentially the biggest part of the task was to go out on as multiple Heating plus Air Conditioning calls as possible plus carefully watch plus learn from the long-time cooling system professionals that Mom employed. She thought she was going to not like it, despite the fact that ultimately she actually loved his time as an cooling system professional intern; she regularly got to experience a lot separate from having the pressure of being responsible for every little thing that happened on the call. The clients got to know her, plus when they learned she was Jim’s daughter, they thought it was good that she would be really working in Heating plus Air Conditioning repair right alongside his father. It was a tough job, but she was able to figure it out most of the time plus got a kick out of it when customers tried to trip her up.


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