Having air duct sealed

For nearly twenty years, I completely ignored the air duct installed in our house. It wasn’t a deliberate neglect. I wasn’t simply being cheap or lazy. I simply didn’t provide the duct idea any thought. The network of pipes is almost entirely concealed inside the walls, ceilings & crawl space. I was really conscientious about having the a/c & gas furnace professionally ran tests on every year. I made sure to replace air filters every month & clean the supply & return registers. It should have occurred to myself and others that those registers are linked to the ventilation system. That idea is responsible for moveing the heated & cooled air that provides comfort. It handles the air our family breathes every single morning. Whether we’re operating the a/c or the gas furnace, the ducts are impacting the level of performance. I didn’t start noticing the air duct until our bi-weekly utility bills more than doubled. At first, I accused every member of our family of messing with the thermostat. I was sure someone was cranking up the heat while I was out of the apartment or asleep. Then I realized that identifiable rooms of the apartment felt freezing, no matter how high I adjusted the thermostat setting. I eventually contacted a licensed HVAC specialist to inspect the gas furnace. She discovered that the air duct was to blame. She diagnosed the duct idea & found that nearly 30% of the heated air was leaking out through small holes & cracks at the seams. I assumed that I’d be faced with a pressing repair project. I figured the contractor would need to tear down walls to access the air duct. Instead, she tackled the problem from the inside. She sealed off the registers & used a device to blow pressurized air into the ducts. The air contained adhesive particles that collected along all of the imperfections & gradually sealed them.

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