Need proper ventilation when the home is so sealed

The system brings in a good stream of fresh air to update the same air

The year around climate in my location is a challenge. I deal with temperatures down to 20 below freezing in the Winter plus up into the 90s while I was in the summer; We’re exposed to brutal winds, excessive humidity, horrible rains, high winds, thunderstorms plus ice storms. There is not often an opportunity to open the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze. Either the oil furnace or cooling system is working just about all the time. The price tag of heating plus cooling accounts for about half of the household energy consumption, but minimizing energy waste plus weekly bills is always a main priority. I’ve changed windows, caulked, weatherstripped and insulated around doors. I have taken every opportunity to tighten up the home. I’ve put a great deal of time, effort plus dough into preventing the conditioned air from leaking out. But, this also reduces required ventilation. Issues such as dust, dander, pollen plus mold spores get stuck inside the apartment and frequently circulated by the heating/cooling system. The air feels sticky, smells musty and creates a potential health threat. To resolve these issues, I’ve installed a heat reuse ventilation system. An HRV is like having an open window with none of the energy wastes. The system brings in a good stream of fresh air to update the same air. It helps to get rid of excess humidity and contaminants for superior air quality and optimal home comfort. In the winter, the ventilator takes advantage of the outgoing air, using it to preheat the inside air.

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