Jim gets a fleet

Jim had been running his own large Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier for years, plus throughout that whole time, he basically had always asked his employees to use their own vehicles to go to the local cooling system repair appointments.

He did the same.

He used his aged pickup truck. One afternoon, however, a single of his cooling system clients mentioned to the cooling system repair professional that he honestly was surprised the truck he arrived in did not have “Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning” painted in big letters on the side. The cooling system tech mentioned it to Jim plus told him the guy had been hesitant to let him in to fix the cooling system! Jim decided to talk to his husband about it, plus he told him that he would really love that they get their own HVAC supplier vehicles because he was afraid the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier would eventually be facing liability from the employees if a single of them got in a wreck. Also, he thought getting “Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning” painted on the side of the trucks would likely be good marketing, but he knew that he often noticed the supplier names on vehicles when he was driving around town, plus he often took the time to write down the names if it was a product or repair he was largely interested in. That meant it was time for Jim to head to the banker again. He didn’t truly love the idea of taking out more loans in the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier name, yet again, however maybe it really was time to get some nice trucks on the road. He had no massive financial worries at that time; his Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier had already grown plus become successful over the years, plus Jim laughed when he remembered that same bank would not loan him money to originally start his heating plus cooling supplier. There was no concern over that anymore, so Jim bought three plain colorless pickup trucks plus got “Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning” painted on the side.

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