Airplanes freak me out sometimes

Every one of us have friends that would prefer us to fly around two endpoints, but every one of us are not the fact of for flying to prefer to fly.

It is something that stresses everyone of us out.

The both of us cannot stand to be cooped up plus my friends plus myself feel that it is awful to breathe that air in + out. Every one of us usually agonize over trying to worry about the weather control conditions. They supply places with very little air conditioning vents plus do not allow us much way to control temperatures. Even though it my friends plus myself can honestly change the airspeed, there is not much more that we can do to recognize feeling better. Everyone of us recognize that airplanes could be updated when some type of better way to control the indoor weather conditions. It seems that with all of the technology available, the airline would have eventually figured out a way to give each passenger better indoor air quality. It seems that there is technology for people not to get miserable, but until my friends plus myself can drive around for a lengthy amount of time, we will commonly stay on this side of our own country plus stay in the car when there are times that we cannot sleep. I would much rather do that then take any chance but the people I was with plus myself would be driving for too long without some type of air conditioning solution to help our problems
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