You should replace your HVAC system if it’s old

My Grandma and Grandpa still live in the house that my mom grew up in.

  • My grandfather and his brothers built their houses.

They were all neighbors and when they purchased the house in the 1960s there was nothing around them except for farmland. Now there are other house around. The house is almost 50 years old and it’s in great condition. It’s made out of brick, there’s two levels, and a big pool in the backyard. It could be updated with the appliances and older floors. My grandparents have been having trouble with their HVAC system lately. They had me come over to help them talk to the HVAC technician last week when they had their appointment. It turns out that there HVAC system is about 18 years old. It needed about $550 in repairs. The HVAC technician recommends that HVAC systems that have over $500 in repairs should be replaced. My grandfather didn’t want his system replaced, but when I told him to listen to a professional who is highly reputable in the area, he agreed. I told my grandfather that he could potentially save money on his bills each month. I told him that his old HVAC system was losing energy every time he ran it because it’s not a modern system. Every time he loses energy he loses a few cents, and those few cents eventually add up! My grandfather did not like how he was losing money, he’s been trying to watch his budget ever since he retired. He agreed with the HVAC technician and told him to replace his old system.

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