What is duct sealing, and how is it done?

Professional Heating and A/C workers seal ducts to stop leaking in your ductworks. Professionals usually do the sealing as sealing is not only about patching holes in the ducts; For a duct to be sealed, a professional will do a thorough inspection of your ductworks to know the extent of the disfigure. There are several ways in which ductwork can be sealed. The first 1 is the duct sealing tape method. For this method, 1 uses Heating and A/C tape and aluminum foil. This is a faster way of fixing your ductwork however does not last compared to other sealing ductwork methods. The other duct sealing plan is the mastic duct sealant tape. It is a gooey substance that hardens after you apply it to your ducts. If you choose to do it yourself, you can use a paintbrush to apply. To seal larger gaps on your ductwork, combine your mastic with fiberglass mesh tape or other products for it to stick on the ductwork longer. The fourth plan is using an aeroseal duct sealant. This duct sealing plan uses a technology that pressurizes the ductwork to identify and seal every leak in the ductwork. It can seal holes that would have been harder to get to without the aeroseal duct sealant. When you seal your ductworks, you will have much lower energy costs. You will also experience improved air quality and better comfort as all the rooms will gain equal contributions of war and conditioned air for your home. For better maintenance for your ductwork and general Heating and A/C maintenance, hire qualified Heating and A/C professionals. They will identify and will know which sealant is best for which ductwork! Regular maintenance of your Heating and A/C system will ensure that it works to its optimum level.

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