We just have a frozen air conditioner now

My partner and I have an a/c that just keeps freezing into a block of ice.

Every summer time both of us notice that one afternoon the new home is going to be warm and stuffy.

Then our partner will inspect the outdoor unit and find a big piece of ice… Online says that your Heating and A/C unit must be absolutely gross inside. The people I was with and I have used an air compressor to blow all the dirt out of it. I have upgraded the ac filter, cleaned the inside and even called a Heating and A/C corporation. It doesn’t matter, both of us are getting the frozen A/C unit no matter what. The last time both of us had a Heating and A/C corporation come over I asked if there was a part both of us could upgrade to stop this concern. I was willing to spend our savings quite a bit to not deal with a frozen unit. The guy told me that the unit was so old, making a repair on it would not be smart. He said our a/c was on its last year. He recommended just waiting it out, not swapping a thing. He said when it quits, just buy a brand new unit. For now, he recommended taking a hair dryer and melting the ice off the unit when it happened. So for years now that is what our partner and I have been doing. The people I was with and I have joked that both of us have the Sean Connery of the a/cs. He is old but totally dependable. I recognize that the A/C unit is going to outlive our partner and I. We will need to just thaw it out every year and not demand too much cooling from the unit. Then all will be well.

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