Watching new listing apartments

For the past six months, I have been eagerly eyeing new listings and new apartments almost everyday.

I could really afford any of them right now, but I am quite picky, and wasn’t going to settle for any old apartment.

My parents have been very supportive, and are helping me choose between furnished rentals when I am unsure. After I spot a few apartments near me that I like, I go and book an appointment to take a tour of them. Often, I leave disappointed because they fall short of my standards. There are a lot of houses near me that are nice as well, but homes are more expensive to rent, and I prefer to start off with affordable apartments. I have also come across plenty of furnished homes for rent, but I don’t really care for the decor, I prefer to choose my own furniture. So probably any place I do choose, will probably not be a furnished short term rental. Another couple of weeks went by, and I felt myself growing most frustrated with my failure of finding the perfect place. I decided to stop looking at living spaces near me, and go a little bit farther. This is when my luck begins to improve. A place that was almost an hour from where I currently lived, was absolutely beautiful. It was the first temporary housing place that I could say was beautiful. It also wasn’t a monthly furnished rental, as I had been previously seeing a lot of. I was really getting hopeful for this place, and tomorrow, I am going to drive out to see it.

Affordable apartments

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