Watching my Kittens Chase my Robot Cleaning Machine

My kittens are not sure what to make of this weird round machine that crawls the floors for hours. I’ve put them on top of it a few times and they sat on it while it moved around, unsure of what was happening but curious to say the least. They will chase each other around for a few minutes at full blast and then pass out and sleep for an hour then repeat. It’s a life that I would love to lead, ignorant of any stress or sadness, just playing and having fun all the time. My HVAC company gives me a lot of pleasure because we get to play and have fun there while we work. Of course there are times when it is hectic and stressful, like the time our HVAC equipment got ruined in a fire, but in general we try to have fun and make work enjoyable for all. I am going to rest today for a few hours and then play some music on the streets with my guitarist and just have some fun. We will play in front of this local business, which has some portable air conditioners to keep us cool, and afterwards we usually drink a few beers there and hang out. I played beach volleyball last night and am pretty tired today but I think if I rest enough I will have enough energy to do this music thing later on tonight. It isn’t like working at the HVAC business where I need to do more work, it’s just plain having fun.



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