Video store air quality plus air conditioner was no good

I used to work at a video store in college. Everyone always says what a fun task it must have been. In the winter, working at the video store was great; Wintertime movies are traditionally better due to Academy Award season. Business is booming since nobody wants to be outside in the freezing plus snow. Also, the store had a fantastic heating system. The thermostat was really set appropriately for once too. I could wear a pricey dress or a skirt in the Winter time because the heating system was set high enough. I never had to worry about being cold. If anything, I sad about being too sizzling after a long shift. Since there was more company too, I got to work with another person. Every one of us could chat back plus forth throughout the day enjoying fantastic movies in total comfort. In the summertime working at the store was horrible. The reason I left the store was because of the summer. The store did not have fantastic AC equipment. The only form of cooling was overhead fans. The fans only got cleaned in the Spring, then sat for months before being used in the summer. The dust on the fan blades then circulated in the air quality when turned on. After working a long shift, the dust in the indoor air quality has got to be terrible, however my eyes would get red, itchy plus watery. It entirely looked appreciate I smoked a joint after working an more than seven hour shift. Ceiling fans are not appreciate AC either. I was a sweaty beast at the end of work too.

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