UV Light System helps health problems

When I was growing up I had asthma and allergies.

My parents were both smokers so my symptoms did not help me at all.

Every time they smoked I would either go outside or go downstairs. I wish they realized that their actions did not help me at all when they would continue to smoke. Plus smoking is so bad for you and I wish that they had quit earlier in life. Now that I’m older I’ve realized that some of my health problems were based off of their stubbornness to not wanting to quit smoking. I promised myself that if I ever had a family someday I would never put my child in a situation where they are exposed to cigarette smoke because of me. I do have a family and I do not smoke. I make sure that my family is safe and healthy within our home environment. I make sure that I have an annual check of my HVAC system to ensure that we have clean air quality. Because I continue to have allergies today and asthma, my HVAC technician knows how much air quality is important to me. He suggested that I Install a UV light treatment system that hooks up to my heat pump. The UV light system helps to eliminate and sterilize air borne bacteria, dust mites, molds and odors. Studies have shown that the use of a UV light system helps reduce sickness by 20%. I think this is a great investment that many people should consider installing in their homes.

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