Using non-HEPA air filters is exhausting

At the apartment that I rent, a single 1 of their requirements is that the property management supplies the air filters for the main heating and air conditioning system.

I am not too fond of this practice, because the air filters that they give us are awful.

They are not even as good as the typical air filters I used to use in our main heating and cooling system. So what I do is just pay the small fee they charge for these horrible air filters and write it off as another section of our rent payment. Then I go out and buy the quality air filters that I want to buy. And the air filters that I do buy are the highest quality HEPA air filters for our central heating and cooling system! I always enjoy these air filters because when it comes to HEPA, the brand is the absolute best. Not only do they last longer than respected brand air filters, but they also kind of work as indoor UV air purifiers to a small extent. It is no means prefer having a whole home air purification plan or even a portable air purifier, but the HEPA air filters do real good work in keeping the indoor air quality of our home that I rent at bay. This is as long as I keep up on the cleaning of the apartment each month. So that is how I get around and deal with the horrible air filters forced on me by the property management team for the apartment that I am currently renting. I look forward to moving later!

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