Trying out the machines at the gym

Every Saturday, the fitness center offers group classes.

There are all different types of classes, including indoor cycling, high intensity interval training, pilates, yoga and Zumba.

For a long time, I attended every group class that fit into my schedule. I preferred a group setting rather than attempting to workout on my own. I like to work with a knowledgeable trainer, who can guide me through a variety of exercises. I have found that I get more out of a workout when there is someone pushing me. I also tend to compete against the other members of the class. However, a few weeks ago, the aerobics class that I was supposed to attend was cancelled without any warning. I was at the gym, all set to exercise, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. I didn’t want to skip my fitness program entirely. I decided to make use of the time and try out the various machines. There are rows of treadmills, stationary bike, ellipticals, rowing machines and all sorts of strength training machines. I was a little intimidated. I thought that I might struggle to figure out how to use the machines. There are very clear instructions and even pictures that show how to work everything. Most of the controls are self-explanatory. I found that I liked using the machines. I still managed to motivate myself. I think that trying new things was great for working different muscles and inspiring me. Because of this experience, I have started working out on my own two or three days per week. While I still enjoy the fitness classes, I have found something else that is equally beneficial to my physical fitness.


Weight lifting

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