Trying a new central heating and cooling unit as we get older

To say I didn’t know about heating, ventilation, & A/C cooling at all, until recently, would be one of the worst understatements ever.

  • Honestly, until I was an adult & went on a getaway, I had no method of heating, ventilation, & A/C cooling entirely.

This is the truth. Where I grew up there was no such thing as central air conditioning in our orbit. I realize there aren’t a whole lot of regions where there honestly isn’t much central air conditioning but I grew up in & currently live in one. The two of us are unquestionably far north so the only thing I honestly have ever thought about when it comes to heating, ventilation, & A/C is the heating area of all that. Of course that area of heating & cooling is the main focus for us up here. Our winters are fierce & all we have to rely on is good quality, & reliable heating from a gas oil furnace, a boiler or whatever sort of drastic heating method of choice. I have a wood stove as well to supplement the heating while I was in the worst area of the winter. But it also serves as a back up in the event the gas oil furnace went down. However, things have changed recently. My husband & I are getting up there & he is feeling the heat of summer time much more. So all of us have welcomed central air conditioning to our home. The heating, ventilation, & A/C company put it in this Spring. And I have to say that I am honestly a big fan of the heating, ventilation, & A/C cooling, believe it or not.

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