Too tepid to have a good time outdoors

I just didn’t realize how tepid it is in the South when I planned our family holiday! The group of us went to the sizable rodent-based theme park down there plus had a 5 day pass.

Let me tell you, it was hot, humid, plus incredibly uncomfortable.

To make matters worse, the lines for the rides were well over an hour long. The first numerous days I was able to tough it out with the kids however was undoubtedly grateful for the a/c device in the little gift shops plus restaurants spread throughout the park. I could easily feel the cool air from the buildings as I walked by, however sometimes I went into the shops plus looked around just to cool off for a short while… At the end of every day, I was really happy to get back to our hotel room just to relax with the a/c the lot of us always left on there. By the third day, I had had enough plus I left my fiance with the kids while I relaxed in one of the numerous air conditioned restaurants in the theme park. Of course, I knew the group of us would switch venues on the fourth day. I had to rest out in the heat with the kids all over again. But on day number five, I didn’t even leave the perfectly cooled hotel room. I sent my fiance out while I relaxed in the air conditioned room plus read for the length of the day. It was elegant. The kids never seemed to notice the heat plus they had a real great time. I am ecstatic the group of us took this trip although I wish I had arranged it during a cooler time of the year.

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