Today is the Coldest Day of the Year So Far

I just got back from a walk by the sea and wow it is freezing out there.

The wind is blowing and it’s about 45 F outside so it feels closer to 35 F with the windchill.

I don’t know how some of these homeless people survive this type of weather at night when they are sleeping. How can you sleep on the cold hard street when it’s almost freezing? They must just numb themselves out with alcohol or something, it’s a pretty sad existence. I would love to offer them a place to stay but I’m afraid they would never leave. I see a fireplace where they could warm up but it’s probably too hot if they sit too close to it. A nice oil heater keeps me warm at night in my flat and I am very grateful for it. I wonder what happens to a person that puts them on the streets for the rest of their lives? I couldn’t imagine walking around on non heated floors in the mornings. I had a gas heater in my old house that was very efficient in heating up the whole house quickly. I even had a rough time living in my old flat because it didn’t have all of the luxuries this place has. It had an old electric heater but it wasn’t working half of the time and when we had the HVAC specialist come out he told us that it wasn’t worth repairing. It’s so nice to just push a button on your thermostat and warm heat circulates immediately throughout the house.

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