Three Lovely Senoritas Were Walking Down my Street

Wow, some of these local Spanish women in my town are insanely pretty.

Besides being nervous because of their beauty, the other thing stopping me from meeting one is my Spanish is pretty bad.

I’ve been studying the language on and off at this local business for the past six years and still can’t understand what they say when they speak fast. I guess I just need to keep trying and one day I will find the guts to talk to one of these beauties, hopefully before I am too old to do so! The guy who cleans the HEPA filter for the air quality systems in my building told me to just say hello to them and be nice, but you need to be able to say more than just hola if you want to know them better. Anyways, I do meet a lot of women when I play music on the streets but just haven’t found one that I click with. I guess patience is the name of the game here. I was a local contractor back in the states before moving overseas, but after breaking up with my HVAC rep girlfriend I decided that I needed a fresh start so I packed up and left the country. I am working over here now doing hybrid heating repairs and heat pump service and one day my story will be complete when that lovely lady crosses my path. It’s all good for now as I need a break from the last breakup I went through a few months ago. It’s all good I say again!

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