They will fix a leak today in their plumbing

Bill and Greg will fix a leak today in their plumbing and then their cabin is back up to snuff again.

  • They have a small cabin and their pal is going to come for a visit for a few afternoons and sleep in their office.

She is going to a huge dancing convention near them and wanted to come for a visit while she is here. Bill and Greg have known her for about seven years, as she was Bill’s ex-lady’s best friend. They remained friends even after Bill and his ex broke up. She has a woman who works in the heating and cooling technology sector and they are also nice friends with her too. Bill and Greg will hang out while she is here and catch up on old times while maybe cooking some meals together before she leaves and heads to her dance party thing. They will go to the heating business in the afternoon while she works from their cabin online doing her thing. After that, they will make a fire in the fireplace when they get home and talk about life. Sometimes Bill wishes she didn’t have a woman because he likes her, but he will keep it in the friend zone. Bill will still have a great time while she is here. Bill and Greg may have to run their heating system a bit when she is here if the temps drop too low at night, as their radiant floors can only do so much to keep the room warm during the colder nights they have been having lately. See ya later!

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