They just can’t get it right

The grocery store in town isn’t the best; I love grocery shopping and there is a brand new grocery store in my town, but it is just too far away from my house to go officially.

I love this new grocery store though! It has the freshest produce, the nicest employees and a perfectly working HVAC system.

I suppose that it could perhaps sound unusual to mention the HVAC plan in a grocery store, but if you have ever been to my local grocery store you would understand why I mentioned it! My local grocery store is never the right temperature, they are always blasting the air conditioning system in the middle of Winter or they are running the heat in the summertime. I have never understood why the manager would not just spend the extra currency and get the HVAC unit fixed up. I have a feeling that my local grocery store would have much more supplier if they would just get the HVAC plan fixed. I have heard various people talk about how bad the HVAC plan is in this grocery store, so it can’t be the type of thing that the managers don’t suppose about. I have even mentioned it to them before! So, they either don’t want to pay to have the HVAC plan fixed or they don’t love their business. I have my hopes high that they get the HVAC plan fixed one day because the local is great and the other grocery store entirely is too far away. I hope that if I mention it to the manager one more time they will be able to fully understand!
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