They have a nice group of techs working at the place

My sister is going to get outside in a few and go for a walk down the streets of her town. This neighborhood is cool because you can walk anywhere you want and not worry about a bunch of cars and buses. She lives in the center of the neighborhood about eight minutes from the beach and my sister likes walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds. It is a small neighborhood and it gets quite tied up in the summertime for several months when the tourists invade from all parts of the world. My sister works at this small local supplier down the street part time doing AC device repairs and likes working there. They have a nice group of techs working at the place and are like one huge family more or less. Some of the AC reps are out on the road most of the time, drumming up orders and selling HVAC systems to homes and businesses. My sister works there a couple hours each day during the week and likes her job because she gets to work on some of the latest devices. She also interacts with some cool people. The HVAC experts in the shop are nice at what they do and they are also good at doing HVAC duct sealing and repairs on the road. My sister will keep working there for five more years before she finally tosses in the towel and goes for her retirement package. She knows she will still do HVAC system work but only for herself.



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