The tree knocked out a huge section of roof

One of the reasons why my fiance as well as I chose to purchase this beach dwelling is because of the skylight in the living room.

The skylight has a lovely view of the Moon as well as the trees… I’ve regularly liked to lay on the couch as well as look up out of the skylight.

Even when it’s raining, it can be absolutely cool as well as neat to watch the rain falling on the window pane. The glass is reinforced with some fairly thick sheets of glass as well as heavy rubber seals so water never gets through. Regrettably, water wasn’t the setback with the skylight last time there was a storm, however a tree absolutely fell through the skylight as well as right into the living room area. My fiance as well as I were in the living room environment when it happened. We heard the lightning hit the tree as well as then I heard a sizable crack. We could genuinely feel the change in atmospheric pressure when the tree came down on the skylight. The glass was pretty much everywhere as well as half of the roof went missing. The tree took out the entire corner of our beach dwelling along with the TV, christmas tree, as well as a bookshelf. I couldn’t get up on the roof as well as attach a tarp. It was too wet as well as I am truly afraid of heights. Thankfully, we found an emergency roofing corporation to set up temporary shelter over the hole. The emergency roofing repair corporation put several big heavy duty tarps over the hole as well as secured the area with straps as well as plastic sheeting. They advocated that we speak with our insurance corporation regarding the covered disfigurement as well as losses, however we had to pay them out of pocket for their speedy services.

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