The people I was with and I had an automated light system installed.

A couple weeks ago, all of us were sitting in bed plus all of us heard someone jiggling the doorknob in the bedroom.

  • The sound was so loud that I swore it was vibrating in my eardrums.

With no other sound in the house, the doorknob jiggling seemed to have the entire house vibrating. My partner grabbed the gun plus her flashlight plus rushed to the bedroom. It shocked him to see that it was our son, who was coming lake house from university early. It was an attempt to surprise us for our anniversary, that was almost more than a surprise. That’s when all of us decided it was time to have an automated light system installed. The automated light system wasn’t much more than a dusk to dawn light system. The people I was with and I could have dusk to dawn or motion controlled, all in a single system. The people I was with and I chose to have the entire automated light system installed. Although all of us didn’t plan on using the dusk to dawn light often, it was nice to have it when all of us had guests or when the younger kids had sleepovers. They would often set up tents in the backyard. Whether all of us left the dusk to dawn light on, or turned on the motion detector, all of us felt much safer. The people I was with and I also had the motion control installed at our house gate. This would detect anyone coming onto the property. The motion detector would turn the lights on whenever someone came within its sensors. With the automated light system upgrade, all of us had video to capture whoever, or whatever had tripped the motion sensor. Our new automated light system made us feel much safer in our home.

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