The last job is always the longest

My friends and I waited for six months while we anticipated the release of a new movie.

It was the next installation in our favorite anthology.

We were planning on going to the premiere at midnight. John and I were the only ones that could not get the day off work. It’s probably because we both work for the same HVAC company. We service residential and commercial HVAC systems. We don’t close on holidays and we work 24-7. John and I requested the day off for the movie premiere, but we were met with a flat and loud no. He did tell us that we could leave as soon as we were finished with the HVAC repair job. He didn’t give us any installation jobs on that particular day, which I thought was pretty cool. The last job was scheduled for 1pm. I knew we would be working on a repair, so I thought the job would take two hours at the most. John and I were thinking about the movie and totally brought the wrong part to the job. We had to drive all the way back to the HVAC parts shop to pick up the right part. It cost us an hour of time and the repair did not go perfectly as planned. On any other day, I wouldn’t really care about all the mistakes. I really wanted to take a nap before we went out to dinner. I knew it would be hard to stay awake so late otherwise. Luckily, John and I got home with plenty of time to spare. We got some rest and still made it to the movie on time.


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