The football banquet is no fun when it’s too hot

It’s no fun to go out somewhere when it gets too hot, but i have concerns with going to locales that don’t understand how to set up their thermostat systems correctly.

  • It’s consistently entirely frustrating to me to be out at a lunch or other category of function & the indoor air pollen levels isn’t up to par.

I had to go to an annual football banquet for our children Last week and the building where all of us ate in evidently had no clue how to set a commercial heating & cooling plan for the optimal comfort, then the building was cool enough at first, since the weather outside was entirely cooling off rapidly. The temperature inside the building wasn’t too bad when all of us first went in, but of course when all of the football teams & their parents showed up the room started heating up a lot, then by the time the food finally came out & all of us started eating, I was covered in sweat love a horse & wishing for some a/c, and of course, the employer of the banquet center didn’t turn up the a/c. I guess for some reason they consistently guess that if the temperature outside is bitterly cold, they honestly have to keep the heating turned up inside… Unfortunately, that was never entirely the case because there are hundreds of people packed into a room love sardines in a can. The temperature in that big room was getting into the low eighties, & I think that everyone in the room was feeling as miserably uncomfortable as I was. I complained to management & they ended up going & throwing open the windows because they couldn’t get the gas furnace to turn off!

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