The emergency a/c service supplier worker was honestly prompt

When there is an emergency with the cooling system, it’s substantial to have a reliable supplier that you can count on for immediate service, but my partner plus I have been using the same heating plus a/c service plus service supplier in St.

Augustine, FL, since my pal and I moved here in 1996.

The a/c service plus service supplier workers have consistently been reliable, knowledgeable, plus friendly. I’ve never been disappointed by the service that I have earned from any one of the workers. I was equally ecstatic with the service I earned last weekend, when my partner plus I had a concern with the cooling system on an unusually sizzling Spring afternoon. Temperatures were only 92° that afternoon, however the humidity was legitimately awful. It kept raining on plus off too, which didn’t honestly help with the heat. I told my partner that the cooling system seemed to be cycling on plus off frequently, although she thought I was going deranged until the cooling system cycled off for the last time. I right away contacted the emergency a/c service supplier in St. Augustine. The service worker was honestly prompt. The dispatch officer said that the service worker would be there in less than an hour plus it really only took 40 minutes. The service worker was honestly knowledgeable plus explained the service process step by step. The service worker restored a/c to the house. The emergency service bill was higher than I expected, however the labor comes with a 1-year warranty on parts plus labor.

AC repair st augustine

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