Temp Goes up and My Smart Thermostat is Going Down

I am going to adjust my smart thermostat to keep it a bit cooler in my flat as it is now summer and getting really hot out there. I normally have it around 78F in my flat but it just feels too hot so I am going to cool it down a little bit more so we are all more comfortable here. I guess the sun shines in and makes the floors warm, which then makes it hotter in the flat. I really need to program this smart thermostat so I don’t have to keep doing it manually. I’ve just been a bit lazy lately with this hot weather as it takes a lot of energy out of me. I will probably stay in the flat till about 7pm tonight and enjoy my cold air conditioning. After that time of the night it becomes quite nice out and I like to stay out there till about 10pm and enjoy the evening on the beach. There are a lot of people here now and all of the local businesses, including the heating and air conditioning supplier I work for, are very busy with a barrage of customers coming in for their goods and services. I will be off work this weekend and plan on playing some music in the streets tomorrow night for a little extra spending cash and fun. We like to play in front of this portable air conditioner in front of my friend’s restaurant as we stay cool and get a lot of tips from the people passing by. It should be a good time.
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