Sweating through the day

At a recent event I was forced to suffer through six hours of constant hot air being blown on my location.

  • I was distraught about this because of my past experiences in the building where it was located so I had dressed accordingly, but, this was still not enough to combat the heat.

Our company participates in a job honorableeach year that her held at a local hall. We set up a table and speak to several prospective employees and take applications as well. This event takes place each January and seeing as I work in Human Resources it is my responsibility to girl the table; Trust me if I could delegate this to someone else I definitely would. At any rate, the blowers from the buildings Heating, Ventilation, and A/C program are located above the station where I am resting and I spend the day covered in sweat while trying to maintain my professional appearance. I do get some different looks from people as I sit in my Summer weight suit because the temperature outside is freezing and wintery. Applicants come in dressed in Wintertide wear but soon after resting down understand why I am dressed as I am. As several of them become uncomfortable due to the warm temperature I tried to assure them that I completely understand their situation. The fact that they are covered in sweat is no indication as to whether they are qualified for the job or not and this seems to put them at ease. I also try to assure them that the laboring conditions at our offices are nowhere near as uncomfortable as they are in the hall.
a/c care program

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