Stupid decisions lead to no A/C at jobsite

company is so cheap.

When the central air conditioner went out at the workplace, the owner of the company refused to get it fixed.

It was one of those huge air conditioning units that companies have located on the roof. it used to work really nice until recently, when it suddenly quit. The owner of the company, had an HVAC organization out here. Apparently the entire HVAC system needs to be replaced. That’s going to be very expensive. one of my co-workers overheard the HVAC technicians talking. They said that our HVAC unit would have lasted several more years if the owner of our company had just paid to have it serviced regularly. Of course, now it is too late. Instead of learning from his mistakes, the owner of the company decided not to get the HVAC unit replaced. Instead, he simply but a few window units. The problem is, that there are not enough window units to cool down the entire office building. In the part of the office where I work, we do not seem to be getting any cooled are at all. This is impacting our work. Our numbers are way lower than usual this month. It is really hard to stay motivated and to do your job right when you are literally roasting to death. Additionally, my co-workers keep calling out sick or leaving early because they don’t feel well. I can’t believe this is legal. I think it is time to start looking for a new job in an office with good working air conditioning.


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