Some Beekeepers Will Get Rid of Bees for No Extra Charge

My grandmother has lived in her new home for over 63 years.

It was my mom’s childhood home and my grandmother refused to leave.

When my grandpa passed away, my dad and I asked her if she wanted to live with one of us, but she said no and wanted to remain in her own space. Luckily, the new home isn’t far from my mom’s new home so she can check on my grandmother at any given time. Anyway, my grandmother mentioned that she had some bees in a tree in her backyard. At the time she told us, I didn’t think anything of it because after all, the new home is in a rural section and bees are a common thing in that area. We were shocked to discover that it wasn’t just a few bees, it was an entire huge hive and it required a residential bee removal specialist. After contacting a few bee removal companies, my dad found a local beekeeper instead. Best of all, the beekeeper agreed to remove the hive for free as long as they were honey bees. Thankfully they were, and it was an easy removal for the beekeeper, and my grandmother was so cheerful that the bees were gone. When we asked her again if she wanted to finally leave the house, she again said no way. The honey bees were not a danger to her, in fact, bees are always docile unless they feel threatened. But if this was a wasp nest that grew out of control, that could have been a big danger to my grandmother. I just hope that one day soon she will be open to moving out of that new home so we can better keep an eye on her.



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