Smart control device is worth the high price tag

When I first started considering the investment into a smart control unit, I was a bit put off by the price.

I spent fifteen dollars on our old control device at a local hardware store and installed it myself.

The new generation of control units come with a price tag of various hundred dollars. I wasn’t sure if all of the upscale features were worth it. Along with the purchase price, I needed to hire an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to handle the installation. I wasn’t confident I’d choose a style of control device that would prove compatible with our heating and cooling system. Hoping to recover the investment through energy savings, I went ahead with the upgrade. I am so blissful that I did. The control device has proven infancy. Because of our family’s hectic schedule, the condo is often empty. I no longer need to remember to adjust the temperature setting before heading out the door. I avoid paying to maintain an unoccupied condo at the perfect temperature all day long… My family no longer returns to a condo that’s either super boiling or terribly frigid. For the first week after setup, the control device tracked our adjustments and preferences and then built a program. It automatically reacts to our comings and goings to conserve energy and optimize comfort, Plus, it offers helpful information such as humidity levels, energy tracking, energy saving tips and repair alerts. The control device lets me think when it’s time to change the filter or schedule upkeep. I get notified if there’s a abrupt temperature fluctuation, power outage or a concern with the gas furnace or air conditioner.


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