Small rodents can be an issue

I love fall, however I don’t like raking up the leaves.

I don’t like the transition from it being really warm to suddenly very cold.

However I do like when the NFL starts back up again. I like inviting my friends over on Sunday and Monday and having a little get together to enjoy food and drinks. Most the time my friends and I will bet to see who will win, and I am in the lead this year. During the fall there are some other responsibilities that I have to do outside than just watching football. I like to get my home ready for the winter by putting all of my exterior furniture in the shed and also getting all of the unnecessary leaves off of my yard. I live around a bunch of trees that’s around my home and it’s kind of a pain to have so many leaves. While I was raking near the cross base I saw something a little odd. It looks like there was a tiny hole underneath the seal of the crawl space door. It looked like a little animal was trying to get in there. Since my cross face is near my air conditioning unit I decided to look at that too. The coils have a covering on them and I saw that the black covering had little pools and bite marks on them. I figured it must have been some kind of rodent. I called my HVAC provider to come and take a look, he suggested that I get one of the coils placed and that I call an exterminator to remove the pesky rodent.



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