Shipping container cabins around the lake

Every summer during my youth my grandfather would pick me up and take me on a week long fishing trip to his favorite lake.

  • It was always the same lake, every year, and it was always just me and him.

I remember those times so well, great for bonding with the old man and learning a lot about fishing and life itself. Sad to say the old timer passed away some time ago, but I keep the tradition alive by going back to the same lake every year. This year I got a big surprise, to see that the old cabin on the rim of the lake had all been replaced with shipping container cabins. Prefab storage units, each a little smaller than a semi truck, arranged in a semi-circle around the lake itself. At first I was a little taken aback, because I liked the old wooden cabins they had, but then the owner explained to me why he switched over to shipping containers. Those old cabins were quite old, and required monthly upkeep to hold them together, where these fabricated metal shipping containers were strong, resisilant, and completely customizable. Not only that, but if there were ever the need, all of the shipping container cabins could be moved around. From a business perspective, upgrading to these cargo storage containers makes a lot of sense, but I do miss the old cabin I used to share with my grandpa. A week later when I left, I realized I had never slept better there, and the shipping containers were really great!


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