Rental car insurance doesn’t cover AC repair

When I was on a work trip and landed a car without an AC, I thought that the rental company would pay for us to have it repaired that day.

I was not under the impression that rental car companies do not pay for any maintenance needed on a rental car.

The rental company was very rude when I explained to them that the car we were driving had an AC that was working in the beginning, but halfway through our trip stopped working. The AC started blowing hot air on the second day of our trip. The AC would not blow any cold air. The AC in the rental car would turn off and on periodically. Without an AC, I would not be able to drive the distance needed to complete my goals for this trip. In the region where we were working, the climate is hot and humid. I was very frustrated with the rental car company and wanted to speak with a supervisor once the front desk lady told me that they would not cover any repair cost. Even though I wasn’t spending my own money on this rental car, I still thought that it was not fair. Rental car companies are usually not fair. Usually there is something wrong with the car and they know that when they rent it out to people. Unfortunately the AC in this car never started working again. We did not have to pay for the replacement out-of-pocket, but the AC did need to be replaced.

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