Preparing your home for the winter

When it’s during the winter time I love hanging out at my house and relaxing.

My house is older and I have two fireplaces and a pellet stove.

The fireplace is located in my bedroom and a downstairs in my living room. I also installed a pellet stove in my kitchen. I installed the pellet stove in my kitchen because it is far enough from the main portion of my house and it doesn’t get the heat circulation from other areas of the home. Having a fireplace in my bedroom is probably one of the nicest things. I can get comfortable in my bed and read a book or watch TV and see the fireplace going. It’s very relaxing and it gives off that winter vibe. During every winter I have an HVAC technician come and inspect my furnace to get ready for the cold months ahead. He also gives me other tips to help me prepare my home for the winter. He tells me that I should cap or screen the top of my chimney to keep out smaller animals. My HVAC technician suggests that my chimney gets cleaned about every winter. Unfortunately my HVAC technician cannot clean my chimney, but I will call a chimney sweep company to remove the soot and creosote. Since the doors and windows are in relation to insulation and keeping my house warm, my HVAC technician said it’s important to check the exterior doors and windows to make sure that I’m not losing any heat. Contact your local HVAC technician today to save money on energy by following preventative steps to preparing your home for the cold months.

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