Personal trainer changes my life

My problem is motivating myself to workout.

I am easily distracted.

I am prone to taking long naps during the day. I enjoy lying around and reading a book or watching television. I like to bake and enjoy eating delicious foods. However, I started noticing weight gain. I am not willing to let myself get soft or out of shape. I realized that my metabolism was starting to change. That meant I needed to make some changes to my fitness program and activity levels. I am unwilling to be heavier and slower. I don’t want to be breathing hard after walking up the stairs. I also noticed difficulty sleeping at night. I needed to be more active. I worried I would have the motivation to stick with a workout plan. I signed up with a personal trainer in order to be held accountable. I knew a personal trainer would keep me focused on my goals. We meet four days per week for an hour and a half each session. Every training session is different. We focus on straight training, cardio exercise and balance. The workouts are difficult. I always end up sweaty, exhausted and a little sore. However, I also feel really great afterward. I’ve noticed a big improvement in my stamina and range of motion. I now have more energy. On the days that I don’t meet with the personal trainer, I make an effort to be more active. I try to find a physical activity that is fun. I sometimes go for a bike ride or take my kayak out on the lake. I swim or find someone to play tennis with. I like to hike and rock climb. My life has changed for the better thanks to my personal trainer.

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