Ordering food online when I’m not feeling well

I’m not sure what’s causing it, but for the past few days I haven’t been feeling so good. I suffer from nausea on and off for hours. It doesn’t seem to be going away! There are times when I feel faint and need to either sit or lie down. Because of these symptoms, my schedule has been a mess. I have missed work more than I would like, and not only that, I had to cancel going to a concert I had been looking forward to. Most of my time is now spent in bed. I only get up for the sake of food and water and bathroom breaks. When meal times roll around, I don’t feel much like eating. I am certainly not up to cooking anything. I checked online to see what I could have brought to my door. I really didn’t want fast food or any kind of restaurant food. I found a local food delivery place that was offering a discount for signing up for a month. I decided to join and order meals online. It was the only way to get nutritious food delivered. There are a great deal of options included on their menu. I am able to select from dinner, lunch and breakfast items. There are soups and salads as well as a variety of entrees. It is convenient that I can order breakfast for dinner if I feel like it. I spent the next hour trying to decide what I wanted to order. I was looking for foods that my unhappy stomach could tolerate, so I chose lots of soup. I know soup is good when you’re sick. I don’t have much of an appetite but the food is very tasty. The local meal delivery is a really convenient option.


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