New home means setting up a gym

I was really excited to buy a house and move out of the city.

My husband and I wanted to provide our kids a large backyard where they could play.

The kids wanted to get a dog and a swimming pool. I was looking forward to getting away from the traffic, noise and lack of privacy. We chose an older farmhouse with lots of square footage, property and charm. I absolutely love having a wide back porch where I can drink my morning coffee and look at my gardens and the woods behind our property. My husband appreciates having covered parking and workshed to store his stools and tinker of projects. The only drawback of our new location is that we are far removed from the amenities the city has to offer. We need to drive nearly thirty minutes to get groceries and gas or go out to a restaurant or a movie. My main complaint is that I’m now a forty minute drive from the nearest fitness center. I decided to give up my membership. I just don’t have the time to make that commute for the sake of workout. I’ve needed to figure out ways to exercise at home. At first, I was happy going for long runs and riding my bike. However, we live in an area where the weather rarely cooperates. It was necessary to set up an indoor home gym. The house is plenty big enough to devote an extra bedroom to my workout gear. I found out that exercise equipment is quite expensive. I’ve had to add to my collection gradually. At first, I got by with nothing more than a yoga mat, some free weights and a jump rope.

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