Need to do it for my irritated nasal passages

I have been looking into media air cleaners because I do not have good pollen irritations.

I am always sneezing, hacking and carrying puffs around with me.

If I am not stuffed up, I have a nose that leaks. There is not much I can do about the outdoor air and what is in it. I can make our air quality pure and better for my nasal passages. To start with, I did purchase HEPA filters for our Heating and A/C gear. These high quality filters catch way more dust from going into the system. I then get proper HVAC duct cleaning rather than wait a few years like all the people. My hair, our cat’s fur and debris gets in the HVAC duct and is hard on our nose. The media air cleaner is the last step to making our indoor air conditions pure. I found that the little stationary ones are not as powerful. They can only clean a whole room and they need to be obstructed in. They look absolutely terrible, are not powerful and are a big energy hog. My other occasion is an air purification plan that installs into our return or supply HVAC duct. This unit would require annual service and filter cleaning though. It would be costly upfront and overtime. I recognize I might need to do it though. My nose bleeds I blew it so much. I know I would spend my savings quite a bit to have clear sinuses and not need to carry a box of puffs around with me. It would only be a once a year thing that the Heating and A/C professional could do while he tuned up our Heating and A/C equipment.

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