My thermostat stopped working

I thoroughly enjoy living in campus housing. When there’s something wrong I call the maintenance people to fix the problem. I’m glad that I have this kind of service because I pay so much money for on campus housing. I don’t have to pay for repairs. My friend’s who live in a house have to contact their landlord, who isn’t on top of things. And if they break something and it was caused by them then they have to pay for the repair. I remember when my roommates and I moved in to our room, we saw that the molding on our island was coming off. The maintenance people came right over and glued the molding back on the island in the kitchen. Last week since our heat has been on full blast, because it has been so cold I have been turning the thermostat up and down to accomadate to our temperature needs. I went to go lower the heat before I left the room and I realized that my thermostat wasn’t even on. I called the maintenance people and told them my issue. They came up to my room and put in a new thermostat. They told me that it wasn’t the batteries, my thermostat just stopped working. The maintenance people did a good job. They kind of reminded me of the HVAC technician that would come to my house when I used to live at home. However my repair was free of charge, I didn’t even have to pay a service fee.

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