My HVAC System Didn’t Get Serviced Because It Was Too Old

I’m not very good about having my HVAC system serviced.

I often find myself waiting until the last minute to schedule an appointment and by that point I often choose to skip it.

I know I’m supposed to have the furnace serviced before the winter season and the air conditioner before the summer season, but I never remember on time. I’d be willing to bet that I’m the last house that the HVAC company services whenever I do remember to call. My HVAC system is old, so I hear the same thing every time an HVAC professional comes to my house. They always start by telling me that they’re surprised to see my old HVAC equipment still working. The next thing they tell me is that I need to be prepared to have the HVAC system replaced because it won’t live much longer. I think part of the reason I neglect to have my HVAC system serviced is because I’m tired of hearing the same comments over and over again. I didn’t want to create any more issues though, so I decided to hire a different HVAC company to service the furnace and air conditioner before the summer season. When I showed the HVAC professional my HVAC equipment though, he told me that the model I had was too old to service. According to him, they didn’t make equipment like that anymore and he wasn’t comfortable working on it. I knew my HVAC system was old, but I didn’t think it was that old!

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