My HVAC service company also offers maintenance on hot water heaters

I like having my yoga classes in the same building as my gym and workout area.

I hearken from a small town in the Midwest where we didn’t have a million options for every kind of business like we do in my current city. Prior to moving here, I paid two separate monthly contracts for a gym membership and bi-weekly yoga classes. Now I get access to yoga for free with a single membership to a large fitness center. Coupled with their indoor pool that stays heated in the winter, you cannot beat their level of service and amenities. The best part is that they’re a 24/7 gym so I can go work out in the middle of the night if that’s the only time I have away from my job. After having such a great experience with my favorite fitness center, I always thought that businesses that offered more than one major service are like getting two things for the price of one. If they can strike a great balance, this business model works flawlessly. My HVAC service company that does all of the maintenance on my central heating and cooling system also offers plumbing services like hot water heater maintenance and repair. If I ever need help with a toilet or a clogged pipe, I call the same people who send out technicians to refill the coolant in my central air conditioner. Since I already pay for a heating and cooling service contract, I get discounted plumbing services as well. It’s a great way to retain customers who might be on the fence about working with a different company.


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