My air conditioner needed more coolant to work properly again

I was so frustrated when my headlights would illuminate properly the other day, along with intermittent shut offs with the stereo and dashboard controls.

Like anyone else, I immediately feared the worst.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I just needed a new battery in my car as a simple recharge wouldn’t be enough to fix the problem. I waited patiently for an hour while the mechanics at the dealership replaced my battery and refilled my fluids as well. Now I don’t have any more issues with my headlights or the dashboard in my car. My stereo stays on without any serious issues on that end. Unfortunately, I was back at the car dealership again a few weeks later when my air conditioner suddenly lost at least half of its cooling power. I was setting the fan speed higher to compensate, but it was no use. Just like I did with the battery, I feared the worst when my air conditioner suddenly stopped working at full power. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the air conditioner compressor was fine and the system just needed a coolant recharge. It was an instructive experience because I ran into the same exact problem with my central HVAC system at my house. It was freezing up in the afternoon where the evaporator coil fills with ice and it basically stops putting out cold air until you turn off the system for an hour and let it thaw. Instead of jumping to the worst conclusion, I asked my HVAC technician if I just needed more coolant and he confirmed my suspicions. Now my air conditioner is working at normal capacity again.
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