More Than a Half a Century on This Planet

Jeez, I’ve been alive now for over half a century.

There are cracking older statues that are younger than me! I still feel good although I don’t have the energy I once had. When I play beach volleyball I need a couple of days to recover, whereas when I was younger I could play every single day no problem. I guess the goal now is to stay as healthy as possible so that I have enough energy to enjoy the rest of the ride that I have left. Some days I barely have enough energy to make it through work at the local business where I sell HVAC equipment. I am going to look into herbs for energy and see if they help at all. I do home services in people’s flats and sometimes I barely have enough strength to lift the heavy HVAC equipment up the flights of stairs. Some of the buildings are six or even eight stories tall and without elevators, and when I have to carry a heavy space heater up to the top it really takes it out of me. I usually just work in the store though so most of the work days are quite easy on me. It’s just those days when I have to do a service call and lug heavy HVAC equipment around that I am tired at the end of the day. But I guess when you are over half a century old this is normal for the body. At least HEPA filters are light as I have to replace them quite often in people’s homes.



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