Meeting with a personal trainer

I have always felt the need to test my limits.

I am in my mid fifties now, and I can’t push myself like I used to.

I can’t even mow the lawn in a single try anymore. When the weather is especially hot and humid out, I get lightheaded and need to rest for a while. If I push myself too far, I worry about injury. I don’t want to take that chance. My doctor has recommended that I sign up for a gym membership. He thinks I should work with a personal trainer. It would be a good way to figure out the best exercise program. I wish there was a pill I could take and suddenly be in perfect physical shape. I know that I need to prioritize my health and fitness. I need to build my strength and endurance. I would like to improve my flexibility, balance and range of motion. A personal trainer is probably the best solution. I am a little intimidated. I’ve never had a gym membership before. I expect there will be a ton of people at the gym who are fit and trim. I am older and just starting out. However, I have set up a consultation with a personal trainer. He wants to start with a discussion. We’re going to talk about my concerns and goals and set up a schedule for working out. I know that getting in shape is going to take hard work, time and determination. I am hoping that it’s not too late. As I continue to age, I don’t want to slow down. I’d like to remain active and healthy. I know that to do this I need to take better care of my body.



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