Kittens Fight, Kittens Play, and then Kittens Sleep

This is about 60% of their day while they are awake, and then the rest is spent in numerous cat naps dreaming about what kittens dream about.

Sometimes, when the boy cat is playing too rough with his smaller sister she will let out a whimper, telling him it is time to ease off a bit, which he then does.

I like when they try to puff up and look scary by turning sideways to their opponent, it’s so cute to watch from a small black kitten. It’s pretty cool how they can make their fur stand up. My air purifier is a standup model and I can hear it running now in the background as the cats play and fight. I like to run it because it helps drown out the noise on the streets and allows me to relax in my living room. I think it keeps the air quality pretty good in my flat because I have allergies to cats but don’t really feel anything when it is running a lot. It has a HEPA filter, which I clean quite often, and that is probably why I don’t have a lot of allergies now. I don’t like taking allergy meds anymore as I feel they are not good for my body. I also run my HVAC system a lot because it also has a HEPA filter and I think it is good to circulate the air in the flat as much as possible. I don’t like breathing old stale air in my place so my HVAC system is usually running day and night.


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