Kittens are Passed out and All is Well

It is Friday afternoon and I am finishing up work so that I can get out there later and play.

A lot of volleyball players come to my town on Fridays to play and we have some pretty good games.

I am going to play with this German guy I met yesterday and see how we do. He is taller and hits the ball really hard so we should make a good team. I just need to get my HVAC equipment cleaned before I head out and am waiting for the HVAC rep to show up. He said it should only take an hour or so to clean everything and I will be as good as new. I have a five year service plan with the company and they haven’t been out in a while so today was the day to get it done. I am supposed to also hang out with my friend, the local contractor, because it is his birthday today and he invited me to come eat at a small restaurant later on. I need to get a nap in at some point so I have enough energy to do all of these things tonight. I think tomorrow we are going to play some music at a local business, which is always a fun time with my bandmate Danny and his little dog. He brings his dogs to all of our gigs and people like to pet the dog while we are playing as he walks around from table to table looking for food. Music is the best!


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